Saturday, 30 May 2015

Why It Began...

I'm a runner. I'm one of those weird ones that actually enjoys going on and on and on for kilometres and kilometres. It surprises me how much my body can withstand. It's magical.
Also, I'm an eater. I try to be healthy and eat right and enough but it just doesn't seem to work. I eat first and then realise how much I'm damaging my body later.
This isn't about being size zero. I want to reach this point where I'm content with my lifestyle. Recently it hit me that one area where I haven't been able to positively impact my life is my eating.
Running is a huge part of who I am. So is my insatiable appetite. I think this is the first time I've admitted that my eating habits need to improve.
Thats the first step right? Accepting that something needs to be fixed.
No better time to start than now.

And So It Begins...

For most of my life I have had a love/hate (mostly love) relationship with food. Apart from being source of  nutrition, food is also a source of pleasure.
Less frequently, food also makes me feel guilty. Oh, you know what I'm taking about. One of those late nights when nothing but a huge bag of chips and chocolate chip cookies could stop hunger from taking over. It happens. It happens to us all.
This brings me to why I'm here. I don't want to feel like I've treated my body like a trashcan. I want to explore what makes my body feel good and what doesn't, what's healthy for me and what isn't. I want to live like my body is my temple.
Yes I'm hungry, I'm hungry to realise the potential of my body and unleash all of its power. And, maybe document the process on the way.