Monday, 1 June 2015

Two Good Days and a Caramel Ice Blend

Ate healthy food over the last two days. Also made chocolate lava cake (with dark chocolate and whole wheat flour!) and had a caramel cold coffee this evening. 
As I was sipping the last of my delicious Ice Blended I realised I could never deprive myself of things I enjoy. Which also got me thinking, how exactly can being healthy and letting myself have food that makes me happy go hand in hand?
On one hand, I'd love to get the weight off my hips and thighs (running helps but only so much, haven't been that regular though). And on the other I can't deprive myself of simple little joys. What's the point of being alive if I don't live. 
For now, the solution is this: I will work out everyday and eat food that makes me healthy and happy. But, I will control my portions. That's a comprise I can make.