Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Carpaccios, Bison and Elk

I have been around the world(-ish) and back over the last month. Apart from all the other amazing experiences I had this trip, my food journey was quite interesting. 
It starts in Riva del Garda, the most charming little town in North Italy right on Lake Garda. Apart from the basic seafood(not a big pasta and pizza fan) and tons of dessert, I had a couple of interesting things. First on the list deer. It is similar to beef but on the tougher side. Also, it was delicious! Next up, Goose Carpaccio. Oh, I went to heaven when I ate that. It was very fatty, so as you can imagine it was so smooth in the mouth. Then came the Octopus Carpaccio. I've eaten octopus before but the carpaccio took the octopus to a whole new level. 
I have come to realise that a carpaccio can never go wrong, unless it's growing mold, then it's wrong. You can taste every bit of the meat as you put that roll up that sliver of deliciousness in your mouth. All the flavours are heightened and they linger, keeping you longing for more.
Flying across the Atlantic, let's come to Grand Teton National Park. This was the first time I had Bison and Elk. It was quite interesting. Again, both are similar to beef. Truth be told, if no one told me otherwise, I would think they were both beef. Still a long way to go before I can distinguish between them all. They are different, I just can't put my finger on it yet.
And that was my food journey this trip. Quite the whirlwind, wasn't it? 

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